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Over the years I have been researching the effects of electro-magnetic fields on living systems. This includes the physiological and psychological effects reported by people after visiting or being in the vicinity of a crop formation. Also animal behaviour, remote effects, luminosities, mechanical failures and audio effects. No detail such as unusual smell, taste, sound etc is too small or insignificant; it all adds up to making a complete picture of what is happening.

I am most grateful to everyone who takes the trouble to tell me about their experiences; it can be irksome and time consuming but without your wonderful help my research would not be able to expand and continue. I now have the largest database in the world relating to this area of research due to the kindness of very many people.

Please email me directly at: lucypringle@aol.com


Every year it costs a considerable sum of money in order to ensure that serious research into the phenomenon is undertaken and analysed. Please click here for more information about funding for my research. All donations are welcome, and much appreciated. If you would like to help, please click on the PayPal button.

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Heli Air


News Flash.
Taxi driver witnesses crop circle appearing opposite Stonehenge.  Dramatic story behind this event.


First crop circle 2009

2014 Crop Circle Tours
  For 2014, I have arranged two exclusive crop circle tours. The first tour is on Wednesday 30th July and the second as normal on Wednesday 6th August 2014. I have not been able to obtain any private entry passes to Stonehenge for the dates I normally take. However I know that many people love the additional option of taking a flight over the crop circles and the surrounding sacred area at the end of the day, so both tours will have this option. Please book early to avoid disappointment. In case of cancellations I have a waiting list. If interested in booking a place, please email me directly at: lucypringle@aol.com



The latest, high quality, gloss calendar for 2014 is now available. Makes an ideal, lasting present.

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Click to also see previous year's calendars, some of which are still available as collector's issues.

2014 Calendar



Collectors Piece. Unique collage of Lucy's photographs showing the pick of the crop circles from over the years. The collage is produced on photographic paper and looks breathtakingly stunning when hung.
Click for prices and available sizes!

Email: lucypringle@aol.com



**** Postcard Offer! ****

10p each plus postage

All postcards from 1993, 1994 (except Avebury + Cobweb), 1996  (except Julia set with Stonehenge) 1997, 1998, 1999 (except Cherhill star), 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 (Bee out of stock), 2005, 2006.

Postage for 10 cards: UK p&p £2.00 Overseas €5.00, USA US$7, RoW US$8

Larger numbers postage on application.




Led Zeppelin Albums

2009 Amazing opportunity! to own "The 40th Anniversary Tribute to Led Zeppelin" in a double side CD. Various Artists. Cover photographs by Lucy Pringle. Click here for more information. please email me directly at: lucypringle@aol.com to place your order.




A selection of beautiful photographs of Silbury Hill and a standing stone at Avebury avenue taken in June 2010
by Sloane Pringle


A set of eight high quality, glossy postcards depicting the 2010 season. Order now for an ideal Christmas present for friends or work colleagues.



/merchandise/jigsaw puzzle

A superb crop circle collage design PLUS a deviously puzzling 'Druids Knot' design.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed this puzzle. It is one of the most fun and interesting and most difficult puzzles I've ever
done. I couldn't believe such a small puzzle with so few pieces could be so difficult. I absolutely love the 'whimsey' shapes and the unusual way the
pieces fit together. Thank you for creating these wonderful puzzles with crop circle designs. They are so beautiful. Classy little storage bags! Awesome gift!"

Lucy's latest jigsaw puzzle looks set to be a favourite Christmas present. With 250 pieces and featuring nine classic crop circle designs, order now in time for Christmas.

/merchandise/jigsaw puzzle

A superb wooden jigsaw puzzle, which would make an ideal gift or Christmas present.

/merchandise/jigsaw puzzle

/merchandise/jigsaw puzzle

A superb MINI version of the classic wooden jigsaw puzzle.

leftmiddle right
Publisher; Thorsens. Harper Collins Publishers.

ISBN 0 7225 3855 3

A fantastic new book containing Lucy's awe inspiring photographs

Art in the Landscape

Book cover

Lucy Pringle is an expert in her field and her well researched text and inspiring photographs reveal a tantalising glimpse of these beautiful and awe-inspiring phenomena.
This informative book features 50 of Lucy's stunning photographs is published by Jarrolds and will be available in spring 2004.
(32 pp + cover, format 190 x 260 mm). Price £8.00

One of the best books available, detailing the history and research findings from recent years. Hundreds of high quality photographs and first-hand accounts make this book essential reading for all crop circle enthusiasts. Makes an ideal gift or coffee table book for all readers interested in the continuing crop circle circle mystery.
288 pages. HB. 30 B/W Illus, 101 Colour plates.

Book Cover

Photo of Mug

Mugs & Pens of The Double Helix at Alton Barnes 1996.

A unique and stunningly beautiful white fine bone china mug decorated with the Triple Spiral in finest quality gold on both sides.

Paranormal Pranks
Paranormal Pranks Book

A fantastic idea based on Lucy's superb crop circle photographs; High quality 'Magic Cubes'.

Magic Cube



This beautiful 5cm (2 ins) pewter necklace depicting the 1999 Cherhill crop formation, comes with a 24-inch chain.
Click on the link or image to view a large photograph, showing more detail

Stonehenge Posters

A high quality poster depicting various aspects of Stonehenge. Lucy Pringle's high quality photographs capture the magic and mystery of this enigmatic national monument.

Measuring 16½"x24½" it will grace the wall of any home or office.

Supplied rolled and packed in a safety tube.

Please note that the quality of the image here is not representative of the actual poster. This is caused by having to digitally photograph and then compress the original image down to a size viewable on a web page.

Avebury Posters

A high quality poster depicting a panoramic view of the Avebury Complex with the celebrated 'Spiders Web' crop formation of 1994.

Measuring 16½"x24½" it will grace the wall of any home or office.

Supplied rolled and packed in a safety tube.
Please note that the quality of the image here is not representative of the actual poster. This is caused by having to digitally photograph and then compress the original image down to a size viewable on a web page.


Crop Circles - The Latest Evidence
lucypringle@aol.com Tel/Fax 01730 263454


Inside the Crop Circle Mystery

This is the kind of documentary that changes the way we see the world around us. It takes you deeper into the mystery of the crop circle phenomenon than any film has done before. Gorgeous and full of wonder, "What On Earth?" has been hailed as the best crop circle film ever made. The movie now is available on DVD!

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