Debts not honoured

Mr Magnus Sigurdson Hadradi, of Ravenmark Productions Ltd

Mr Magnus Sigurdson Hadradi of Ravenmark Productions Ltd and Landraveger Arms, 82 Eynsham Road, Oxford OX2 9BX has failed to honour the monies owing to me for an interview and use of several of my images, drawn up in a signed contract with his company, Ravenmark Productions Ltd.

I understand the video titled "Signs: A Warning?" is already in circulation and therefore he is also in breach of copyright laws.

In addition he has failed to honour payments to other people who also signed contracts with his company and has issued cheques, which have subsequently bounced.

He is a very persuasive man, promising to pay his debts without delay. They fail to materialise.

I understand from him that he has now changed his office and his new telephone number is: 01869 810523.


Mobile: 07814517376

My advice to other people is; do not conduct any business with Magnus Hadradi.