Articles: To Russia with bottles
By Lucy Pringle, ©1997
Investigation into the Effects of Subtle Energies on Living Matter

Jim Lyons tells me that it is only relatively recently that there has been any real investigation into the effects of Electromagnetic Fields on biological systems. Although, the fact that the cellular structure of living matter is an intricate electrochemical structure, it has long been assumed that, unless the radiation were of an ionising nature such as occurs as a result of natural or man made disasters such as Chernobyl, then little or no interaction could occur.

The work of Becker, Smith, Coghill (refs. 1,2,3) and others has done much to dispel this limited view of the situation. It is now known that significant interactions between EM fields do occur. Some are highly detrimental, yet others can be of a beneficial nature. Much work remains to be done. However, in addition to these directly measurable effects, there is the question also of more subtle effects arising from supposed fields related to the (understood) EM field which nevertheless cause identifiable effects on living matter.

It has long been known that humans can sense ambient energies which, although consciously detectable, cannot be currently measured by existing instrumentation. These effects are known to be related in humans to thought processes and in former times were strongly linked with the idea of so called earth energies and sacred place. The culmination of this concept originating with the stone circles of Neolithic sites is the evolution of sacred geometry and buildings designed to the same underlying geometrical principles. This concept is based on the idea that the earth has a grid network of what are termed energy lines linking these circular sites which concentrate these energy effects.

Subtle Energy Fields

Subtle Energy fields. These are effectively earth energy points, similar to the structure of that has evolved in living systems and identified in former times as acupuncture points on the human body linked by meridian lines along which subtle energies are hypothesised to flow. Work in mainstream science is now beginning to relate these ideas to the concepts of forms of magnetic field lines which are known to permeate all matter throughout the Universe, under normal circumstances.

A modern manifestation of these subtle energy fields at earth acupuncture points is the phenomenon of Crop Circles. Current studies of the Geophysics involved demonstrate a remarkably universal basic dynamics together with its related geometrical structure. The energy field is known to be vortical in structure showing strongly charged fields which interact with the both the crops in which they form as well as humans and animals that visit them. The investigation concentrates on the new biological effects that are being observed as a result of this emerging phenomenon with the overall aim of delineating the effects observed, relating them to known medical effects where possible and proposing more detailed further investigative techniques.

Proposed Work Programme

Relevant research work to date has concentrated on three main areas-

My proposed research programme will extend these activities to further develop techniques for-

  1. Analysing health effects in more detail with the aim of linking the observations to known medical conditions, e.g. the dramatic change in hormone state of certain females and the inducement of ketones affecting taste.

  2. The further quantification of water samples for homeopathic changes using established methods, together with vibration patterns stored in the samples.
  3. Quantifying if possible the electrochemical effects induced in items of equipment such as batteries. Several techniques are currently being investigated.

To Russia with bottles.

Bottles were buried in the beautiful Winterboure Basset formation that appeared on the 1 June in barley.

Initially the farmer was very reluctant to let anyone into the field as the crop was only partially flattened as though it had been lightly kissed by the `force`. He was therefore planning to harvest the whole field when ripe but would be prevented from so doing if the crop were trampled down by visitors. Hence his understandable reluctance combined with the view that all crop formations were made either by laymen or the military.

I went to visit him and his wife 5 days after it had appeared. They welcomed us into their delightful farmhouse . I explained that I was researching the medical aspect of the crop circle phenomenon. "How can medicine have anything to do with crop circles?" A good question and one that is often asked. We had a long discussion but still things were not going too well until I showed him an aerial photograph I had taken of his formation 2 days previously. "Which formation is that then?" he asked. "Your formation" I replied. "That is not the mess in the field just down the road from here!", he replied. "Yes indeed it is " I assured him. "How do you know?", "I took the photograph just 2 days ago" I replied. A look of wonder and surprise came over his face; he appeared totally taken aback at the complexity and precision of the event in the photograph and a broad smile crept over his face extending from ear to ear. His wife was equally delighted and suddenly we had lost our sceptics and gained 2 open-minded and splendid investigators.(He has had the photograph framed and carries it with him everywhere.)

Whilst we were chatting there had been a very heavy shower and when we entered the formation in borrowed finery of waterproof trousers and wellington boots, the crop was still waterladen. The lay of the crop was exact but the stalks were rising fast towards the light. Bottles were buried inside the formation and control samples outside.

Exactly one week later I returned to Winterbourne Bassett with 2 friends to collect the bottles. Would we find them?

Before getting to the field we lunched at Stones, the excellent vegetarian restaurant in Avebury . There we met Dr Roger Taylor, his wife Linea and Russian physicist Dr Konstantin Korotkov of the Centre of Energy and Information Technology at St Petersburg Technical University, who specialises in Kirlian photography . Dr Korotkov has perfected a method that can successfully eliminate the variables that have for long beset and been the downfall of Kirlian photography. He can quantify his results. This is a major breakthrough and will hopefully put this much maligned area of research onto an accepted scientific footing. His laboratory also tests products for Estee Lauder (beauty products). Estee Lauder use other methods of testing but have found that whereas their products may successfully pass most tests, this method of Kirlian photography will reveal problems not detected by other procedures.

Dr Korotkov expressed considerable interest in testing my bottles of water not only using his Kirlian method but also submitting the water to other techniques, testing for anomalies.. He asked if I could send him samples . "But if you come with me, you may have the samples immediately" I said.

Not a minute to be lost after this wonderful offer, we drove to the field and found all the bottles with ease; these were then carefully wrapped in tinfoil to eliminate any other contamination and were placed in an egg box to avoid succussion. A further control bottle that has not been into the field was also included. The writing on the bottles makes no sense to anyone except me and gives no indication of the whereabouts of their locations. The test will be completely blind.

They are now winging their way to St Petersburg and I am told that I may have the results in about 3 weeks. Very many thanks to Dr Konstantin Korotkov.

How I wish finance were available for our work here as it is in Russia where the authorities invest considerable funds to further investigation into the area of `subtle` energies.

North American Traditions

On the 9 June, just one month earlier than last year, a `Snowflake` formation appeared opposite Stonehenge in the same field as the Julia set of 1996 . It was a beautiful and delicate event, consisting of 194 circles and measuring c 500 feet in diameter. It caught the attention of a North American Indian Rod Bearcloud, who reported that according to tradition this is a sacred three dimensional symbol, dating back through the mists of time and greatly revered. It represents the Sun Dance Ceremony Sacred Tree of Life and relates to an ancient ritual lasting 9 days in which a 40-50 foot tree is cut down and a celebration conducted in thanksgiving for the gifts the tree gives to man and the planet.

To the medical fraternity it represented a cross section of our bronchi.

This was of the most difficult formations to photograph

The weather that had been so marvellous in May turned to rain with a vengeance. In order to take really good photographs, sun is essential, giving the flattened crop a wondrous sheen resembling glistening water or silk. As we fly around the formation, there is probably just one spot in the whole 360 degrees sweep where it is possible to get a good photograph; 10 seconds before, the photograph will not work, nor 10 seconds later. Hence it is a matter of taking endless pictures which may result in just one `special` one, or if you get lucky, several. I take photographs in order to try and fund my research.

After the Stonehenge `Snowflake` suddenly Hampshire came to life with a flurry of activity resulting in over 20 formations at the time of writing. Curiously the circle makers seem to divide their loyalty between Hampshire and Wiltshire, one year visiting Hampshire more abundantly, the following year giving their attention to Wiltshire. Over the years this trend had become quite apparent. However this seeming preference for these two counties does not exclude other areas of Britain; indeed Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Somerset, Cornwall, Devonshire, Dorset, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire. Indeed I have missed out several counties but looking at that list, it becomes clear that this phenomenon is widespread not just in Britain but in fact extends world-wide. We have had reports of formations in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Holland ,Spain, Finland, Norway , South Africa , Scotland and Ireland . There are rumours of over two thousand in India, but until I have accurate written and photographic evidence, I am treating these assertions with caution. India is so widely populated and visited, surely some critical evidence should be available to support these claims?

One of the most beautiful formations in Hampshire appeared near Bishops Waltham; it was clearly imprinted into the 300 acre field, running precisely along one tramline. Few people visited it so it retained its pristine shape throughout. To me it resembles GAIA, the Earth Mother. This seems particularly apt when thinking about James Lovelock's theory of the Earth being a living, breathing organism in which everything is interdependent and interrelated. That this phenomenon lies gracefully in our fields draws our attention and sharply focuses our thoughts on the planet on which we live and how we are in danger of destroying it and ourselves.

On a less profound level this formation has been likened to a Jelly Baby of Space Hopper!

Watch that bird.

A formation appeared in barley at Longstock near Stockbridge; it was a small delicate event of no particular significance apart from the fact that the RSPB had staked out a watch to observe a rare bird was nesting close by. On the night it formed, nothing had appeared in the field as darkness fell, but to their amazement the following morning at first light it was sighted lying snugly in the crop. Despite their vigilance; they heard and saw nothing. Again few people visited this formation as the field was quite naturally protected by the farmer and ruled out of bounds!

The Pastrycutter.

Flying over the fields on one of the few sunny days at the end of June, a wondrous formation was spotted at East Meon. It was magnificently etched into the steeply sloping hillside, standing out in sharp relief against the dark green of the young winter wheat like a giant pastrycutter. The pilot flew round several times but I was still missing the angle at which to get the best shot. "Please fly along this line", I begged him. "That would be fine, except that we would fly straight into the ground" he replied!

I had to settle for second best thereby living to tell this tale!

The following morning I woke with a sense of anticipation. Where exactly was the Pastrycutter? By 7a.m. I was on the road armed with my Ordinance Survey map, heading in the direction of East Meon. The roads are narrow and overhung by ancient terraced hills, where our ancestors grew vines and eked out a meagre living in olden days. This is an area that is pulsating with the memories and rhythms of bygone eras. Had I walked into another world? I reached the top of a hill and gazed at the panorama of patchwork fields and copses in the sharply undulating landscape and drew in sharp breaths of heady, deliciously pure air. Driving towards Winchester Hill, I retraced my steps and EUREKA, there was the formation right in front of me in all its majesty, so deeply carved into the field, surely all who passed by would not fail to see it? But sometimes these shapes render themselves invisible like the fairy folk; indeed many people despite making a special trip to see it, never found it.

It took me all day to trace the farmer who was naturally reluctant to grant me entry. It was the first time he had been visited by the force and was trying to get used to the idea and all its possible implications. How was the best way to tackle the hoards of eager visitors? He was kind, courteous and firm, only allowing in those he deemed to be genuine researchers.

So as not to draw attention, it was late that evening that I entered. with Paul Vigay, a computer and electronics expert, Cynthia Prior . and Rachel McCann. On reaching the edge of the circle we stopped to examine the fallen crop. Was the tell tale grey film still present on the stalks, leaves and seed heads? (this is part of the growing process and is easily removed by the slightest touch or weight. Even running your finger along the stalk will eradicate it . Once removed it can never be replaced). Yes it was! This is a moment of such indescribable excitement, only those who have experienced this revelation will understand , for in that moment we knew it was a genuine formation; i.e.: THAT NO WEIGHT HAD BEEN APPLIED. Clearly no mechanical or human instruments had flattened this crop.

.I buried my bottles with Cynthia's help, Paul measured the dimensions of the formation and also took electronic readings, whilst Rachel collected samples, neatly labelling them in separate plastic bags. Our tasks completed, we basked the late evening sunshine and gazed in awe at the vast, sweeping landscape that stretched endlessly around and beneath us.

Control bottles of water were buried outside the formation as we walked back exhilarated to our cars.

A week later I returned to collect the bottles.

A dear friend of over 80 suffering from severe osteoporosis, had long beseeched me to take her into a formation to experience the `energies`. It had to be one that was new, one that close to where she lived and one that was fairly near to the road so that she would have too far to walk. This formation seemed to fit the bill! "Was 6a.m. too early?" "not a bit, how about 5a.m?" she replied. We settled on 6a.m.. An American healer, Louise Olivi came to help retrieve my bottles. It was an overcast, heavily clouded but sultry morning as we made our way into the field and walked towards the formation following the tramline, Diana coming at her own pace using her walking stick. What was a short walk for me, was quite another thing for Diana. At this time of day there is a certain indescribable magic about. The birds and animals treat you as one of them, there is no fear for we are all part of the same ecological system, all interdependent and interactive,

The ground was wet, covered in a heavy overnight dew so sitting down in the circle was out of the question . The bottles were all found and retrieved over a period of an hour. Time speeds up in genuine formations and one hour seems like 30 minutes. None of us talked a lot, there seemed to be an overwhelming sense of awe as though in a cathedral and silence seemed appropriate.

The quietness of mind and spirit one experiences is memorable; there is a sense of total security and in that silence and safety one allows oneself to transcend to higher levels of consciousness.

I dropped Diana home by 8a.m. Two hours later she telephoned in great excitement; she was totally free of pain; normally after such strenuous exercise she would have been flat on her back in bed, suffering immense pain. Over a month later she is still free of pain and the whole of Petersfield is buzzing with the story.

Her horse would not enter.

Ten days later on Sunday 6 July a beautiful `Daisy Chain` in barley was discovered at Cheriton, near Cheesefort Head, Hampshire. The surrounding 29 circles around the flattened centre each contained a tuft of standing crop; diagonally across the centre were 2 `magi mix blades` consisting of minute and perfect circles.

An American researcher was the first to discover and visit this formation. She had neglected to get the farmer's permission and as she was standing in the centre, the farmer's wife came riding down the tramline towards her with her daughter. As she neared , she appeared to ride towards the researcher in an aggresse manner, but the moment her horse reached the edge of the circle, it stopped and despite several cracks of the whip refused to budge, becoming quite agitated. This clearly added to her annoyance and she shouted " I do not believe in these ....circles!" "Maybe you don't but your horse certainly does!" replied the researcher. Animals particularly horses are hyper sensitive to electromagnetic fields and can detect these energies in a way no human can.

I later visited the farmer who after reading several of my research articles, kindly allowed me to bury my bottles and later collect them.

On the afternoon I returned to retrieve the bottles, as we were walking down the tramline, a fawn's head appeared a couple of tramlines to the west. After surveying us with wide eyed innocent curiosity it ducked down again below the height of the crop. Hinds leave their young in a safe place whilst they go off to forage, returning to collect them later in the day. This closeness with nature is one of the enchanting aspects of visiting crop formations especially late at night or very early in the morning when the birds and animals regard you as one of them. It is a treasured bonus to witness these happenings whilst carrying out research in the fields.

Alton Barnes Fun Week-end.

Last year for the first time, the Wiltshire group organised a Fun Day at Alton Barnes., nr Marlborough. It was a roaring success, guaranteed by the presence of the magnificent Double Helix in close by East field. As always Tim and Polly Carson allowed the public to share the joy and wonder of this formation. There was also another bizarre event on the other side of the road with spectacular lay of crop that caused great excitement. Encouraged by the success of this event they planned a Fun Week-end on for the 12/13 July. As the time approached concern was showing; no formations had appeared in the famous East field or the environs. Prayers were winging their way to the Powers that Be in the hope of a speedy and special reply. Nothing on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. However their petition was answered early on Friday morning when Tim Carson driving some cattle, spotted a huge formation measuring some 500 feet in diameter in the field opposite East field. It had not been there the previous evening. A farm workers daughter had been on a ferry day trip to France the previous day; and her mother drove past the field at 11 p.m. along the Wilcot/Pewsey road to meet the coach and collect her daughter. When she got to Pewsey the coach had not returned so she drove back past the field at 11.30. At 1a.m she set out once more driving past the field, yet again she reached Pewsey only to find that the coach still had not arrived. Back she came along the same route and waited till 3a.m. before she set out once more. Success this time, the coach had arrived and she and her daughter returned to Alton Barnes driving past the field. Never once on her 6 journeys past the field did she see any lights or hear any noise. At the beginning of July there is virtually no darkness of which to speak and it would have taken teams of people several hours to construct such a splendid event. However due to the mathematical complexity and precision of the formation, I simply do not believe that even teams of experts could have achieved such a geometrically awesome happening. An inscription of `OKLAHOMA` was found earlier this year scrawled into a field opposite Bournemouth airport. It took 16 men 6 hours to perform this rudimentary incident.

I flew over the wondrous formation later that Friday evening and marvelled at its size and mathematical enormity. Jim Lyons informs me that it is a perfect example of a Torus Knot 12,13. This a mathematical symbol denoting out DNA.

Is it a coincidence that last year in the famous East field we had the Double Helix that wondrous `String of pearls` many people misnamed the DNA symbol. ( the spacing of the oscillations was 90 degrees not 180) and then this year we receive the DNA presented in perfection but in a totally different form?

I entered the formation early on Saturday morning to bury my bottles of water. As I reached the flattened crop I found myself gazing in awe and wonderment at the sheer enormity and scale of the event. The formation lay on the shoulder of a sloping field; rendering only part of the formation visible at any one time from the ground. How could people standing on the ground have possibly laid out the interlocking circles so precisely which is only evidenced by an aerial photograph?

Finding the right place to bury my bottles in a formation of this size and elaboration is a daunting task. Again I experienced the pull to the right brain, making any left brained logical, methodical work hard to achieve. Eventually with the help of a kind American and an equally kind Norwegian who held the measuring tape for me, we succeeded. Notes were made in the hope that the bottles would be retrieved.

As soon as I entered the formation I recognised its healing qualities; here was a formation that could be recommended to all. Tim and Polly Carson opened the field to the general public charging £1.50 a head. This is an admirable way to let everyone enjoy the wonder of crop circles, ensuring that people enter the circle without damaging the rest of the crop. Over the years the Carsons have allowed people into their fields to visit the many formations that have appeared on their land totally free of charge apart from 1990 when the first astounding 350 foot pictogram appeared. By levying a small entrance charge, they were able to contribute to te repair of their local church from the proceeds. They are a generous family conscious not only of the needs of the crop circle community but of the needs of their village and other charitable organisations. We need more farmers like them. Our thanks go to them for making it possible for everyone to take part in such an unusual and wonderful experience.

On several occasion over the next three weeks, I sat at the edge of the field chatting to people who had visited the formation. Invariably they told stories of peace, increased energy, and well being. "Lay down, shoes off, spontaneous laughter." Another report came to me from someone who has a condition that like Parkinson's disease results in continuous and exhausting shaking. She sat in the centre for 20 minutes and subsequently did not shake for 24 hours. The physical relief was enormous during that period.

Two weeks later Isabel Maxwell-Cade and Peter Staples performed the annual E.E.G and E.S.R. tests in this formation.(the results will be written up later), giving me an opportunity to collect my bottles. Thousands of people had visited the formation since I had buried them on the first morning after it appeared. The two standing tufts off centre of the centre circle were now flattened and the lay was barely recognisable. I collected the three bottles I had buried on the North, West and East perimeters but the place where I had buried the bottle near the centre, showed signs of having been disturbed and removed. Sadly people do not always respect scientific research and believing that the bottles contain water that could have incurred healing properties, remove them for their own use. My bottle research has been rumbled! I would beseech people not to try and find them and recover them, this is very valuable research taking us into the medicine of the 21 century.

Bishops Canning Pentacle

The first day of the Fun Week-end was a spectacular success and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

On the Sunday morning word arrived of another formation that had appeared over night. It was situated at Bishops Canning off the A361. I leapt into a car with Canadian researcher Chad Deetkin and American surveyor Colette Dowell and her son and together we set off to track it down. It was not easy to find being a long way from the road and concealed behind the rise of the hill. We parked the car down below and walked up to join the throng of `croppies` already gathered. (word spreads fast!). An initial inspection revealed a linear effect within a circular frame. However within minutes I began to feel uneasy. My gut reaction was I did not like it. Many people came up to me wanting to discuss my research; but I found I was increasingly unable to think or speak coherently; I felt very uncomfortable and wanted to leave, but being dependant on Chad and Colette, I had to stick it out until I managed to winkle Chad away and we drove back to Alton Barnes in near silence. On arrival several people came up to me "You look dreadful" they all said. The good old English remedies of "a strong cup of tea and a sit down" were recommended but to no avail. Rescue remedy was produced and I had a gulp; nothing happened so I had two more gulps. Still no effect;. It felt as though my aura had become dislodged and partially off to one side, I felt ungrounded and totally drained of energy. At every talk I give, I advise people to protect themselves as a safe guard, when entering a formation, but after experiencing the wonderful energies of the Torus Knot, I had rushed into the Bishop Cannings `Pentacle` full of excitement, chakras blazingly open and had paid the penalty of not following my own instructions!

Could the fact that the Pentacle was placed on a sacred burial ground have contributed to my discomfort? Several other people were also adversely affected.

Luckily Louise Olivi, a powerful healer from America came to my rescue and after working on me for 15 minutes restored me to better than normal. As she was healing me I was initially conscious of my aura coming back towards me and eventually clicking into place, once that had taken place I knew I was on the mend, my feet became grounded once more and my energy(plus some extra) returned. I am indebted to Louise.

Hearing restored.

A spectacular spoked formation appeared at Cley Hill near Warminster on the 14 July beneath the towering ancient hill fort.. Yet again it said different things to different people; some called it the `Dreamcatcher`, others `Bicycle Spokes` whilst others saw it as cloth in the process of being woven into a design. At all events it was a superb event. Many people reported feeling badly disorientated whilst visiting it. However there has been one beneficial result of a woman member of the Yorkshire group who recovered from a partial hearing loss problem. I hope it will be permanent.

On the night of the full moon.

At full moon on the night of the 18 July a beautiful Maltese Cross formation appeared in a field near Morested. The gamekeeper's cottage overlooked the field but he heard nothing nor were his dogs disturbed. I had flown over it and marvelled at its beautiful and perfect accuracy and simplicity and on landing set off to try and find it. with a friend. We stopped at a gap in a field and there round the corner of the hedge it stood, resting serenely in the field of wheat. Being so hidden from sight few people had visited it and the complicated lay was still almost intact.

With the owners permission I took in several people the following week. This was a golden opportunity and the party grew to twelve, .including a woman of over 80, house guest Dr Marianne Krull from Bonn, Germany, Canadian researchers Chad and Gwen Deetkin, several people with physical complaints, plus 3 healers including Louise Olivi. Amongst them was a woman who was suffering increasingly painful arthritis. She was brought in by a healer from Horsham. She had reached the stage where any physical exertion had become a tremendous and distressing effort. She walked into the formation slowly leaning heavily on her stick and sat down at a place she felt appropriate. (I recommend that people intuitively find `their` place but will dowse for them if they cannot do this for themselves). Subsequent reports tell me that the improvement in her condition is dramatic; she no longer needs her stick and had been able to walk briskly up and down the sea front at Worthing. I will be following up this case.

I also took in an orthodox friend of mine who had never been into a formation previously. She was on the sceptical side and on entering immediately started to examine the lay of the crop whereas the others were more concerned to find `their` spot. After checking that the others were all right, I joined Penny and we carefully inspected the complex swirl. After a moment she stood up abruptly saying she felt very sick. "go down the tramlines and out of the formation as fast as you can", I advised her. But no, she said she was going to sit in the centre. She only stayed there for a few minutes before moving out and sitting in the lower part of the formation. This I knew to be the most turbulent area and quickly asked Louise to go to her aid

. After a few moments Penny was back to normal. The whole episode was for her dramatic. Had she felt extra well she would have put it down to natural factors such as the joy of experiencing a crop circle, the wonderful weather, or the idyllic surroundings; but to feel as ill as she did, unexpectedly and instantaneously was to her proof that something was happening that could not be casually dismissed. The Powers that Be have a wonderful way of persuading people!

Final Masterpiece

My final report comes from the Double Fractal that appeared below the Milk Hill White Horse, near Alton Barnes on the night of the 8 August. This formation measuring over 500 feet in diameter is of a complexity that takes ones breath away. Is it the final masterpiece of the year? An earlier single fractal event had formed behind Silbury Hill on the 23 July. This indeed had been a wonderful event and I had visited it to bury my bottles with a charming and very vociferous Italian photographer. It was his first expedition to a crop circle; how was he going to react? Sudden silence! He was bereft of speech and seemed mesmerised as he walked round examining the fantastically intricate layering of the crop. Eventually I approached him and asked he was he thought of it. "Astounding, Astounding , astounding!" was all I could get out of him.

The new one at Milk Hill is a double fractal containing two separate elements in a way that could not be imagined. It is a long walk from the road and I took in a valiant 82 year old and a scientifically minded man visiting a formation for the first time. He had been increasingly and stubborningly sceptical over the years despite his wife's fascination with the subject. He kindly helped me bury my bottles and then I left him to his own devices. He also was overcome with silence and was able to offer no satisfactory explanation.

I have had the great pleasure of taking in at least six newcomers to the subject this season and to watch their stunned and joyous reactions will be a treasured memory. It is one thing to discuss the phenomenon, to read about it, to even attend lectures, but to actually visit and experience a relatively new formation is something of quite another order.

I have also had the privilege of visiting many formations this summer amongst which I rate four Masterpieces, The Torus Knot, The Silbury Fractal Star of David, The Etchilhampton Grid and the Milk Hill Double fractal. The discolouration anomalies I found in the crop of Flower of Life in oilseed rape below Barbury Castle, also is rated very highly. This has been a remarkable season and even though it is the second week of August as I write, maybe we are still to be presented with still more wonders?

The Faery Folk

Yes indeed another formation of note, a Platonic solid, the tetrahedron, appeared below Hackpen Hill near Swindon on August 18th. Its triangular shape when viewed from a certain angle gave the appearance of a pyramid. Hackpen Hill has longed been associated with the faery folk and legend has it that on certain nights of the year, the top of the hill rises up. Wonderful music is heard and those who venture in to join in the song , the wine and the dance may never be seen again, or if they do reappear it is said they are never the same again after their time with the inhabitants of the hill.

I am greatly indebted to all those who have kindly filled and returned questionnaires for me after visiting a formation. Please continue to do so, my research is totally dependant of on your help and co-operation. As always whatever you tell me is in total confidence unless you give permission otherwise. I am also greatly indebted to the medical fraternity who analyse these results.


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Lucy Pringle

October 1998